I do my best to make sure that sessions are relaxed and fun. Most children, if told to sit right there and smile, end up looking nothing like themselves. So while we'll likely try at least one or two "sit and smiles" - the majority of your images will be organic, natural, and often silly. My goal is to provide you with images that 20 years from now, you'll back at, and say "that's exactly how I remember him/her....".

We can meet just about anywhere - your home, a local park, or even somewhere with a more urban feel. Sessions usually last 1-2 hours (with newborns usually taking even longer) - but I'm not watching a clock. My job is to be with your family, observing, and capturing moments until I feel that we *got it.*

I frequently get asked what you should wear... Wear what you feel most comfortable in! As a guideline - solids are usually preferable to patterns, maternity sessions usually work more effectively with a fitted top, and newborns need only their birthday suit.